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Jorge's radio collection contains an eclectic mixture of sets starting from 1924 and ending in the mid 60's.  There is a mixture of U.S. and European radios that reflects the background of the collector. The aim of this collection has changed over the years, but I have generally collected radios that are interesting to me from a technical point of view, that have been given to me by friends or relatives, or for which I have some sentimental attachment and. During 2010, I have been reducing my collection, selling particularly most of the radios that are too large and heavy for me to move around, particularly since we have moved to a new home. I am  keeping only those that I must have and can maintain properly and that I enjoy listening to from time to time.

Entries for radios that I have sold but with information that I consider can be of interest to collectors have been kept in this web site, indicating that they have been sold.                                




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